Error reporting when PIP3 installs pycrypto

Error reporting when installing pycrypto with PIP3 under Windows:


Cause of problem:

Pycrypto, pycryptodome and crypto are one thing. Crypto is named pycrypto on python. It is a third-party library, but it has stopped updating for three years, so it is not recommended to install this library
as like as two peas, pycryptodome came in at the time. It is an extension of pycrypto, which is exactly the same as pycrypto. p>



Step 1:

    pip3   install pycryptodome

Step 2:
    There is a problem importing the module when using it. At this time, you can perfectly solve this problem by modifying the name of a folder,
    Python \ Python 36 \ lib \ site packages, find this path. There is a folder called crypto below. Change lowercase C to uppercase C

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