FTP connection error 530 permission denied solution

Linux system server, ready to use FileZilla connection, input IP address, root user, password, fast connection, error: 530 permission denied


1. First, check whether the system has enabled the vsftp service. If not, start the service first

2. View the configuration of vsftpd. The configuration file defines the configuration of vsftpd user connection control

Vsftpd.ftpusers: located in/etc/vsftpd directory. It specifies which user accounts cannot access the FTP server, such as root

vsftpd.user_ List: in/etc/vsftpd directory. The user account in this file can’t access the FTP server by default, only if the userlist is enabled in the vsftpd. Conf configuration file_ Access is allowed only when enable = no option

Vsftpd.conf: located in/etc/vsftpd directory. From the definition of user login control, user rights control, timeout settings, server function options, server performance options, server response messages and other FTP server configuration

3. After configuration modification, execute service vsftpd restart to restart vsftpd service

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