[Solved] SSH connect error: permission denied, please try again

Permission denied, please try again. Error is reported as follows

When using SSH to log in to ECS (elastic compute server) Linux server, if you are the root user, even if you enter the password correctly, the following error messages will appear.

Permission denied, please try again.

The ssh server rejected the password. Please try again.

However, non-root users can log in normally, and root users can log in normally through the management terminal.

The reason for the problem is that the server SSH service is configured with the policy of prohibiting root user login.

If this parameter is not configured, or if the parameter value is set to Yes (default), root user login is allowed. Root user login will be blocked only when the displayed setting is No.

This parameter only affects the user’s SSH login, and does not affect the user’s login to the system through management terminal and other methods.

service sshd restart
restart sshd

Then try again.

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