GaiHab local warehouse and remote library link error [How to Fix]

  • Run the command in the local warehouse
    [email protected] MINGW64 /d/learngit (master) $ git remote add origin [email protected]:usename/xxx.git
  • If there is an error
  • error: remote origin already exists.
  • [email protected] MINGW64 /d/learngit (master) $ git remote rm origin //remove and then continue...
  • Pull remote update push
  • //After the first remote association, you must first pull a remote update.
  • Admin[email protected] MINGW64 /d/learngit (master) $ git pull
  • Push local library to remote
  • [email protected] MINGW64 /d/learngit (master) $ git push -u origin master
  • Note: Add -u to the first push to facilitate future push or pull

    git push origin master

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