Germany Weather

Weather and climate around Germany are different due to latitude, topography and other factors likeyixing hotel.

In spring and autumn, the climate in Berlin is very good with an average temperature of 10℃to 20℃. There is little rain with blue sky as well as beautiful meadow. It is the most suitable season to travel. From July to August, average temperature in Berlin is about 20℃, it will not break the daily maximum of 30℃. The days are long in summer, so there are many events held during this time, such as concerts, outdoor movies and also parties

From April to May, it is the springtime of Frankfurt. The temperature is about10℃to 20℃. In addition , it is important to carry out an umbrella. The weather here is volatile. Each year in early September to the end of October is probably the most pleasant time, spring will be a little cold, but the temperatures will be significantly higher within autumn, with an average temperature of 15℃-20℃, the weather is very comfortable.

The spring associated with Bavaria comes relatively late. In mid-March, the heat of Munich is about 10℃, although it is not high, the sunshine is relatively mild. From June to August is the summer regarding Bavaria. During this time, every day is sunny day, the sun is very strong, the actual temperature is actually above 30℃. Bavarian winter is chilly, and often filled with snow.

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