Git Error: Github:remote: Invalid username or password……

LZ is currently in the whole remote warehouse. Submit using HTTPS, in Git bash through a series of commands

Remote: invalid username or password

fatal: Authentication failed for ‘ …

Baidu has come up with a solution, saying that it can re execute git config command to configure user name and mailbox


gitconfig–” [email protected]

But it didn’t solve my problem. Later, after searching the answers of major netizens for several times, I found that it was my password setting error

After executing the command, GIT will pop up a GitHub login interface. After you log in successfully, you are required to enter your user name and password. The password here is not your GitHub password or local git password

is GitHub’s personal access tokens instead

After the password is filled in again. Perfect solution

From now on, as long as you submit locally, you can use the following command: git push origin master

Only by pushing the latest changes of the local master branch to GitHub can we have a real distributed version library

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