GNS3 0.8.6 calculating idle pc values error: Failed to find a working Idle PC value. Can’t set up hypervisor on 127…

This semester in the study of computer network, experimental class to use gns30.8.6 simulation. However, according to the tutorial given by the teacher, there are some problems such as failed to find a working idle PC value. Can’t set up hypervisor on and so on

All right, don’t panic

First, let’s click on the test settings to see if this is the case

If so, you need to change some of the settings in the preferences

Preferences — Dynamips — Dynamips work path

Change it to the folder where the IOS files are located. Of course, the path is in English. Like mine

Click OK

Go back to the IOS configuration interface and click test settings to show the following 🆗 It’s over

And then there’s the point

The path of image file and basic configuration should be set under the same path

。。。。。 That’s how I solved it

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