HDFS problem set (1), use the command to report an error: com.google.protobuf.servicee xception:java.lang.OutOfMemoryError :java heap space

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I. causes

Execute the following two basic HDFS commands to report an error

1 hdfs dfs -get /home/mr/data/* ./
2 hdfs dfs -ls /home/mr/data/*

These are two normal HDFS commands. How can I report an error?Then open the HDFS command to see the problem

Second, analysis

1) Use the following command to find the path of the HDFS command

1 which hdfs

Open the script with VIM HDFS, and find that Hadoop will be used when executing with HDFS DFS_ CLIENT_ Opts configuration item. The configuration item is usually set in the directory/etc/Hadoop/conf/hadoop-env.sh by searching

Open hadoop-env.sh script and find that the configuration item adopts the default configuration, namely 256M

2) After checking, there are 1W + small files in the/home/MR/data directory, but the size is only about 100m. It is speculated that the metadata is too large due to the size of the file data, resulting in insufficient memory when loading to the client ( guess may not be correct, you are welcome to give a correct explanation )

Third, solutions

Increase Hadoop_ CLIENT_ The configuration of opts can solve the problem in both forms

2 hdfs dfs -get /home/mr/data/* ./
4 HADOOP_CLIENT_OPTS="-Xmx1024m" hdfs dfs -get /home/mr/data/* ./

In addition, you can modify the configuration permanently by modifying the value in hadoop-env.sh

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