How to read and write multiple files in Python?


I want to write a program for this:
In a folder I have =n= number of files;
first read one file and perform some operation then store result in a separate file.
Then read 2nd file, perform operation again and save result in new 2nd file.
Do the same procedure for n number of files.
The program reads all files one by one and
stores results of each file separately.


#+BEGIN_SRC Python
import sys
#argv is your commandline arguments, argv[0] is your program name, so skip it

for n in sys.argv[1:]:
print(n) #print out the filename we are currently processing
# do some processing

– syn :: system-specific parameters and functions
– module :: a file contains Python code

why python module?

Python module is used to group related functions, classes, and variables
for better code management and avoiding name clash

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