How to Solve Failed to load SELinux policy. Freezing Error (System Restart)

The system cannot start normally due to setting selinux error


I misunderstood the value when it was related to SELinux

The value of the “SELINUX” parameter in the configuration file /etc/selinux/config should be modified,
# SELINUX=enforcing the original configuration
SELINUX=disabled is correct

However, “SELINUXTYPE” was mistakenly regarded as “SELINUX”, and the SELINUXTYPE parameter was set:
#SELINUXTYPE=targeted The original configuration does not need to be modified.
SELINUXTYPE=disabled error


1. On the boot page when restarting, select the kernel you want to boot and press E to enter the grub edit page

2. Find the linux16 line. If you don’t see the interface, keep pressing the key until you find the value you need. After language, it is LANG=zh_CN.UTF-8, and space plus selinux=0 or enforcing=0  (Note: I am Add selinux=0 to take effect.)

3. Then ctrl+x to start the system

4. Re-modify the SELinux value after entering the system and close it correctly

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