ZABBIX server startup error resolution

The following errors are reported when starting ZABBIX server:

29171:20180714:084911.367 cannot start alert manager service: Cannot bind socket to "/var/run/zabbix/zabbix_server_alerter.sock": [13] Permission denied.
29142:20180714:084911.368 One child process died (PID:29171,exitcode/signal:1). Exiting ...
29225:20180714:084923.611 cannot start preprocessing service: Cannot bind socket to "/var/run/zabbix/zabbix_server_preprocessing.sock": [13] Permission denied.
 29213:20180714:084923.613 server #18 started [poller #2]
 29195:20180714:084923.614 One child process died (PID:29225,exitcode/signal:1). Exiting ...
 29195:20180714:084925.615 syncing history data...
 29195:20180714:084925.615 syncing history data done
 29195:20180714:084925.615 syncing trend data...
 29195:20180714:084925.615 syncing trend data done
 29195:20180714:084925.615 Zabbix Server stopped. Zabbix 3.4.10 (revision 81503).

  The above is just a partial error log pasted
the above reason is that SELinux starts

SELinux status:                 enabled
SELinuxfs mount:                /sys/fs/selinux
SELinux root directory:         /etc/selinux
Loaded policy name:             targeted
Current mode:                   enforcing
Mode from config file:          disabled
Policy MLS status:              enabled
Policy deny_unknown status:     allowed
Max kernel policy version:      28

detect the following:
vim /etc/selinux/config

# This file controls the state of SELinux on the system.
# SELINUX= can take one of these three values:
#     enforcing - SELinux security policy is enforced.
#     permissive - SELinux prints warnings instead of enforcing.
#     disabled - No SELinux policy is loaded.
# SELINUXTYPE= can take one of three two values:
#     targeted - Targeted processes are protected,
#     minimum - Modification of targeted policy. Only selected processes are protected. 
#     mls - Multi Level Security protection.

  Modify SELinux = disabled modify the configuration file and close it permanently
setenforce 0 : temporarily close SELinux
  You can also set SELinux to allow ZABBIX access. It’s not very troublesome, but SELinux can’t be used. If you want to know, you can search it yourself. There’s no more statement here

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