How to Solve MYSQL Error: pymysql.err.InterfaceError: (0, ”)

The reason for this error is to connect to MySQL through pymysql, and there is no operation to close the connection, so there will be no problems in a short time, and the connection will be confused if the connection is maintained for a long time. Although looking at my code is correct, I still report

pymysql.err.InterfaceError: (0,”) error. So this connection is either connected and then closed when it is used up. Or just use the following code to check if the connection exists, and reconnect if disconnected.

db = pymysql.connect(host = ' ' ,port=3306,user = ' user ' , passwd = ' pwd ' , db = ' db_name ' , charset = ' utf8 ' )
sql ='select * from table_name' = True)


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