How to Solve Android wireless debug Error

1. Commands for ADB related wireless debugging:

adb tcpip < PORT>

connects Android devices wirelessly through TCPIP. Port is the port number, which can be specified at will (e.g. ADB TCPIP 6666)).

ADB connect
ADB: Usage: ADB connect host [: Port]

after entering ADB connect enter on the command line, the system prompts the usage of the command:
where host is the IP address of the Android device, port is the port number specified when using the ADB TCPIP command, and: connection is used between them (e.g. ADB connect

2. Commands to supplement ADB display/designated devices

ADB devices

View current device

adb -s < device>

it is used to operate the specified equipment we want

3. Specific operation of wireless connection

1. Connect Android device with USB data cable;

2. Enter ADB TCPIP command on the command line (for example: ADB TCPIP 9999);

3. Disconnect the USB data cable (the data cable is disconnected from the device);

4. On the command line, enter ADB connect & lt; host> [:<port>] Command (for example: ADB connect

4. Problems encountered

Open the terminal command window (or terminal in as) and enter the following command:

error: more than one device/emulator

an error is reported here: “error: more than one device/emulator”
then use the following command to view the device

adb devices
List of devices attached
D1CGAP1234506666 device
192.16. 31.55:5555 device

find the device d1cgap1234506666, which is the serial number of the Android mobile phone I need to conduct wireless debugging. 172.16 can be found in its mobile phone status information 31.39 is the IP address of Android phone (the location of checking the IP address of each phone may be different).

Continue using the following command:

adb -s D1CGAP1234506666 tcpip 6666
adb -s D1CGAP1234506666 connect 172.16. 31.39:6666
connected to 172.16. 31.39:6666

connected to host [: Port] indicates that the infinite connection is successful.

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