How to Solve SVN Error: The XML response contains invalid XML

The XML response contains invalid XML error occurred when the SVN of several colleagues in the company was updated.

I got a clue from Google, which may be related to the Http request.

I remember that the previous project changed the network request method once, and changed the Http protocol to the svn protocol. In addition, the project directory has some external links

Checked the SVN directory of the colleague who reported the error, some directories are http protocol, some are svn protocol. (The external link and the root directory are different)

Checked the normal SVN directory of the machine, all directories are svn protocol.

Solution: Unify the root directory and all external chain request methods into the svn protocol

Analyzing the reason, it may be that when the request protocol was uniformly changed, some colleagues did not check the inclusion of the external chain when performing the relocate operation, resulting in the request protocol of the external chain still being http



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