How to Solve Syntax error: Bad for loop variable (ubuntu)

A simple shell script is written in Ubuntu, which uses for.. do.. done structure to calculate the value of 1 + 2 + 3… + 100, and the result always reports an error
/ bin/bash
read -p “Please input a num ” num
for ((a=0; a<=$ num; a=a+1))
sum=$(($sum + $a))
echo “the sum is ==> $ Sum ”
Exit 0

the error is syntax error: bad for loop variable
solution: sudo dpkg reconfiguration dash
select no from the options
from Ubuntu 6.10, Ubuntu will replace the previous default bash shell with dash shell; Instead of the traditional/bin/bash, the/bin/sh link reverses/bin/dash
Ubuntu edge is the first version to release dash as the default shell, which seems to be influenced by Debian. There’s an official explanation in the wiki, The main reason is that dash is smaller, faster and compatible with POSIX<However, the problem is that many scripts make mistakes due to the replacement of shell. After all, many scripts are not 100% POSIX compatible executing sudo dpkg reconfiguration dash on the terminal
and then selecting No

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