IDEA Error: java: Invalid source release: 11 error [How to Solve]

Today, I created a new springboot, and it failed when I started the project.

Error: java: invalid source release: 11 error

It may be that when creating springboot, you did not pay attention to directly selecting the 11 version. At this time, you need to modify the jdk version. Because the project has already started, I need to modify the java version of my project here.
The file—setting—build, execution, deployment—compiler—java compiler in the menu bar, I have 11

Change them to 8 and click apply because my version here is java 1.8

In addition, in some cases, you need to modify the configuration of the project settings (open the shortcut key ctrl+shift+alt+s), and then modify it to your own version if it is wrong:





The above is the solution to the Error:java: invalid source release: 11 error.

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