impdp ORA-39014 One or more workers have prematurely exited

Colleagues make errors when importing data, and simply record them.

  1. An error occurs when impdp imports data. The error information is as follows:

ORA-39014: One or more workers have prematurely exited.

ORA-39029: worker 7 with process name “DW0M” prematurely terminated

Ora-31684: object type procedure: “ADM”. AAAAA “already exists from the error message, it can be seen that the parallel imported process (worker 7) exited due to an error. The reason for the error is ora-31684: object type procedure:” ADM “. AAAAA” already exists. Under normal circumstances, if it is a clean environment, it is impossible to report an error such as object already exists when importing data.

  2. The import script is as follows:


LOGFILE=impdp_ adm_ 20211101.log


dumpfile=expdp_ adm_% U.dmp


JOB_ NAME=impdp_ ADM there are no special parameters in the import script, but parallelism is enabled, that is, the parallel parameter is used. The above ora-31684: object type procedure: “ADM”. AAAAA “already exists error. It is suspected that the parallel process of impdp has repeatedly done the same thing.

  3. Ask colleagues to remove the parallel parameter during impdp. After a period of time, feedback that the import is successful. This indicates that this problem is caused by the parallel parameter.

  4. Search MOS and find the document: errors ora-39014 ora-39029 ora-31672 on datapump import (DOC ID 464082.1), which mentions:

The parallelism (specified with parameter PARALLEL) should be less than or equal to the number of dump files in the dump file set. If there are not enough dump files, the performance will not be optimal because multiple threads of execution will be trying to access the same dump file.

In this case, parallel = 8 is used when exporting the source library, and the parallel specified when importing the target library is also 8, but an error is reported. Even if the parallel is changed to 4, an error is also reported, indicating that it is not involved in this document.

  5. There are many bugs about ora-39014 or ora-39029 in the expdp or impdp times on MOS, but there are few bugs covering version 19.12. Only bug30477767 – ora-02095 and worker crashes during import when using parallel parameter (DOC ID 30477767.8) can be found. We can’t see the details of this bug on MOS, and we can’t finally confirm it.

  6. Finally, colleagues can only remove the parallel parameter during impdp as the workaround of this case.

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