No buffer space available

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Error in starting project B: no buffer space available

First, the maximum number of connections in MySQL is changed from 100 to 500. After restarting mysql, the same problem is still reported, indicating that it is not caused by the maximum number of connections

Then I checked the data and found that it might be caused by insufficient memory resources of the server where project B is located. It was found that the server had only 2G of memory, and another memory hungry project a was running. When project B was not started, it consumed 1.7g of memory. So it was decided to stop project a, which occupied a lot of memory. Immediately, the memory occupation was reduced from 1.7g to 0.6g, which was enough to free 1g of memory. Sure enough, we started project B, which we had just started to report an error, and then we successfully connected to MySQL


Most of the above problems are caused by insufficient memory resources in the project server. It is recommended to leave enough memory space for the project



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