LoadRunner uses HTTPS request

1: Using functions

web_ set_ sockets_ Option: set socket function

For example:
Web_ set_ sockets_ option(“SSL_ TLS protocol
Web_ set_ sockets_ option(“SSL_ CIPHER_ List “,” exp1024-dhe-dss-rc4-sha “); – specify the client request algorithm

Detailed reference documents:
1 https://www.claudihome.com/html/LR/function_ reference/Content/web/lrFR_ web_ set_ sockets_ option.htm#SSL_ CIPHER_ LIST

2:vuser-&>run_ Time settings – &> Internet Protocol – &> preferences – &> check WinInet replay instead of socks (windows only)

Problems encountered:

1. If “no buffer space available” or “wait” occurs when a large number of connections occur during system operation

How to solve it?

Solution: ensure that all links are closed at the end of the iteration

Add before the function of script action:

web_ set_ sockets_ option(“SHUTDOWN_ Mode “, abort” — equivalent to reset operation

Finally, add the following line:

web_ set_ sockets_ option(“CLOSE_ KEEPALIVE_ CONNECTIONS”,1);

2. When will this approach be adopted

·When using the netstat command, you can see that many sockets are in the “wait” state;
· when the load increases, the connection fails;
· the number of mmdrv handles increases with the running of the virtual user;
· when the connection is established, the error message “no buffer space available” appears

Transfer: https://www.cnblogs.com/qiaoli0726/p/10166472.html

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