Kali Linux 2.0 U disk installation error, unable to load CD-ROM

2. In the process of installing with USB flash disk, the CD-ROM cannot be mounted. Your installation CD-ROM could’t be mounted.

3. After Google search, we should refer to foreign methods.

4. The solution is obtained and the test is successful. As follows:

In the process of installing kali2.0, the penultimate installation interface (that is, the interface for selecting language, setting user name, password, partition, etc.) will have an execute a shell option.

After selecting execute a shell, there will be a window to execute the shell.

Step 1: DF – M

At this point, you will see the mount information, and the bottom is/dev/XYZ/media

This is the USB device mounted to/media, resulting in the CD-ROM can not be mounted.

Step 2: umount/media

The above foreign solution will continue to mount/dev/XYZ/CD-ROM

However, the local test does not need to be mounted by itself, and the installation program will be mounted by itself. It will cause grub installation failure later.

Step 3: exit

After exiting the command window, continue the installation.

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