Linux error: command not found [How to Solve]

I saw a fun project some time ago: [musicbox]( )Start installing with git clone, and the input command cannot be run. At first, I thought there was a problem with the installation, so I changed to PIP installation. I found that it still couldn’t run
interface error: command not found

At first I wondered why I couldn’t find the order?After searching, it is found that the commands viewed by Linux must be placed in/usr/bin /. If they are not in this directory, they will not be found
at this time, we need to create a link file for these commands that cannot be found. Link it to/usr/bin to directly execute our commands

Establishing a soft link is equivalent to establishing a shortcut:

1、Want to see where the installation directory is
find/-name musicbox

2、Create a soft link
ln -s /usr/local/musicbox/bin/musicbox    /usr/bin


After doing the above operations, you can find the corresponding command

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