Unexpected pit of webpack command not found – starting from node

Write a note for yourself:

For a long time

Do the following

npm install webpack -g

Because Xiaobai doesn’t understand the principle, he executed it many times, and the result is still as the title

I searched the Internet for a long time and tried various methods

Obviously, the installation is successful

A sudden awakening

When installing node, the compiled file is used

Then use the soft link ln to the system bin to configure the environment

Results when webpack was installed, although the installation was successful, it went to the bin of node instead of the system environment variable

So it failed all the time.

The simplest solution: make a link to the system environment.

In addition: remember that when you configure the node next time, you can directly put it in the location of the system environment variable $path, and there won’t be so many things.

This is also according to the online installation tutorial, operation, do not understand the principle of the pit

ln -s /software/node-v10.16.0-linux-x64/bin/webpack /usr/local/bin/

npm install -g webpack-cli

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