LoadRunner Java is missing the necessary import package and reports an error

loadrunner runs the script from eclipse, ctrl + A copies it to loadrunner, and

Add the parameterised statement: verifyCode = lr.eval_string (“<rand6>”);

Report an error:

Notify: Found jdk version: 1.6.0. [MsgId: MMSG-22986]
Notify: classpath=E:\performanceTest\3-test\lr_hibox_script\;c:\program files (x86)\hp\loadrunner\classes\srv;c:\program files (x86)\hp\loadrunner\classes;.;C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_45\lib\tools.jar;C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_45\lib\dt.jar;E:\performanceTest\jar\fastjson-1.1.37.jar;E:\performanceTest\jar\hibox_for_lr.jar;E:\performanceTest\jar\protobuf-java-2.5.0.jar;;;;c:\program files (x86)\hp\loadrunner\lib\xstream-1.3.jar;c:\program files (x86)\hp\loadrunner\lib\xpp3-1.1.4c.jar [MsgId: MMSG-22986]
Error: Compilation process failed. [MsgId: MERR-22997]
Warning: Extension java_int.dll reports error -1 on call to function ExtPerProcessInitialize [MsgId: MWAR-10485]
Error: Thread Context: Call to service of the driver failed, reason – thread context wasn’t initialized on this thread. [MsgId: MERR-10176]


It turns out that it was copied over, causing the original statement import lrapi.lr; to be overwritten and the missing statement to report an error, add this statement to the top of the script and it will run fine

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