ES6 module Script type=”module” Error [How to Solve]

Any modularization must have import dependency and export interface;

The two main attributes of modularity in ES6 are export and import

Export: interface for exporting modules

Import: the function of importing other modules


export function test(){
  let name = 'cmwang'
  return name


<script type="module" >
    import { test } from './1.js';
    console.log('test', test());

Both files are directly created locally and run with vscode. Two problems are encountered in this process:

1.When type=”module” is not added to the script, the console output is abnormal:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module

2.After adding type=”module”, the console outputs other exceptions:

The reason is that the file protocol does not support cross domain in Google browser, and protocols such as HTTP must be used. The reason is because of the browser security policy


1) Download and install live server. In the running file, right-click and select open

2) Just change your browser

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