[notes] analysis of monkey error reporting log

Today, Xiaocai saw a monkey error message sent by a group member in a test group. In fact, it is a very simple error message

Personally, I think monkey is easy to operate, but actually viewing log analysis log is also a very important link. If the error analysis is not detailed enough, it is easy to be mistaken for a program problem

Here is an example

In fact, this error log has simply told you the reason for the error

The analysis is as follows: the first line: monkey is terminated due to an error

Line 2: the error event of the error occurs at the 153 th time

The third line: send rotation event, and the degree is 0 degrees

Obviously, the error is caused by rotating the screen. Is it the problem of the software itself?Let’s analyze it next


First: 1. Check whether the screen rotation function in your simulator or app application is turned on

     2. In fact, the screen of some applications will not rotate. Even if the operation is made, it will not actually rotate. In such an event, if monkey performs the rotation, the screen will not rotate and the parameters will not change, then monkey may mistakenly report it as an error


If the function needs to be rotated, it is a software error. If there is no such requirement, it is actually a false alarm

At this time, 1. Reduce the proportion of such events or

        2. Skip the error execution directly and ignore the error

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