ORA-02292: integrity constraint

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When Oracle is deleted, it encounters constraints and reports an error ora-02292: integrity constraint (constraint name) violated – child record found

— query the constraints of a table
select constraint_ NAME ,CONSTRAINT_ TYPEfrom all_ Constraints a
where a.owner = upper (‘user ‘) and a.table_ Name = upper (‘table name ‘)

— View constraint information according to constraint name
select owner, constraint_ NAME,CONSTRAINT_ TYPE,TABLE_ NAME, r_ owner, r_ constraint_ name´╝îINDEX_ NAME,LAST_ CHANGE from all_ constraints where CONSTRAINT_ Name =’uppercase constraint name ‘

— View constraint column information according to constraint name
select * from all_ cons_ Columns where owner =’user ‘and constraint_ Name =’uppercase constraint name ‘

Find the corresponding constraint, and then delete the associated data first

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