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Oracle 11g can’t connect, stuck, ora-12537 tns-12560 tns-00530tns-12502 tns-12505 ora-609 windows error: 54: unknown error solution

This afternoon, in order to find out the problem.. Looking for more than n solutions, because I was careless, I took a detour. In fact, baidu found the answer at the beginning, but I missed it because I was careless and didn’t find the right file

The basic reasons mentioned in online articles are network problems, machine name/IP, DNS problems, setting sqlnet.ora and listener.ora; Or the listener.log reaches 4G and cannot be written

as like as two peas in the following list, the environment and scenario are identical. p>

Sqplus/can enter. sqplus user@orcl It’s stuck

Lsnrctl start/stop/status

Solution: the listener.log log log file in the diag directory has reached 4G and can’t be written any more, so after stopping the oracelistener service, delete the listener.log file and it will return to normal. Note that the file is listener.log, not listener.xml. Don’t make a mistake. If you can’t find it, search the file to see if it’s 4G. It’s because for the first time, I mistook listener.xml for listener.log and found that the file was very small, so I ignored this scheme

====================The article cited is as follows================

Database: Oracle11g

Problem: a set of normal run for a year of application system, suddenly unable to connect to the database, but another application can be normal link, data warehousing normal

Database server side view:

Use lsnrctl status to check the monitoring status, and the result will be fed back in about 10 minutes

PLSQL could not connect

Restart monitoring problems remain

Error in alter log file:

Fatal NI connect error 12537, connecting to:

Version information:
TNS for 64 bit windows: version – production
Oracle bequeath NT protocol adapter for 64 bit windows: version – production
Windows NT TCP/IP NT protocol adapter for 64 bit windows: version – production
time: 17-jun-2015 09:17:49
tracking not turned on.
TN error struc t:
ns main err Code: 12537

tns-12537: TNS: connection closed
ns secondary err Code: 12560
NT main err Code: 0
NT secondary err Code: 0
NT OS err Code: 0
opiodr ascending process unknown ospid (6052) as a result of ora-609

Log in normally with SQL plus on DOS side and check the latest data. Suspicion is a monitoring problem

View the listening log file $Oracle_ The error in home/network/log is as follows

< msg time=’2015-06-16T02:14:18.877+08:00′ org_ id=’oracle’ comp_ id=’tnslsnr’
type=’UNKNOWN’ level=’16’ host_ id=’WINDOWS-35NMUNE’
host_ addr=’fe80::7840:6685:828f:4f5a%17’>
< txt> Tns-12560: TNS: protocol adapter error
tns-00530: protocol adapter error
64 bit windows error: 53: unknown error
tns-12518: TNS: listener failed to distribute client connection
tns-12571: TNS: packet writer failed
tns-12560: TNS: protocol adapter error
tns-00530: protocol adapter error
64 bit windows error: 54: unknown error
tns-12560: protocol adapter error& lt;/ txt>
</ msg>

Error reported. Ora-12518 monitoring failed to distribute client connection. But show parameter session and select count are used in Oracle( ×) from v$session; The comparison shows that it is not the problem of connection limit

There was no response using tnsping IP

Then continue to view the listener’s log file $oracle_ Home/network/trace found that the listener.log file had reached 4G and could not be written any more. The last writing date was two days before, so it deleted the log file and started listening. Normal ~

The final reason is that the log file is full. It seems that we need to clean this file regularly in the future. Such a small problem makes the application system unable to connect, details determine success or failure. This kind of files should be checked in the same system at the same time

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