Oracle: db_12. dbca Customized mode:ORA-07202: sltln: invalid parameter to sltln.

Problem background:

db_12. of linux-x86-64

Create a new database with DBCA and adopt the customize mode


After the wizard configuration is completed, an error is reported: “ora-07202: sltln: invalid parameter to sltln.”


According to the prompt, background log and information on the Internet, there are invalid parameters in the temporary init.ora parameter created by DBCA

The problem I encountered in this example is diagnostic_dest=””

If the diagnostic directory is empty, it must be invalid!


In the last configuration screen of DBCA, manually locate diagnostic_ For dest parameter, modify ${oracle_base} to an appropriate value, such as’/tmp ‘

RCA analysis:

The root cause is that the DBCA wizard failed to correctly obtain the ${oracle_base} environment variable!

RCA solution:

todo …

The preliminary conclusion is that there is a bug in this version of Oracle DBCA: Oracle cannot be recognized_ Base environment variable!

You can set oracle by yourself_ Base environment variable to test to prove this.

(follow up: in Oracle, oracle_base of DBCA comes from ${oracle_home}/Insall/orabasetab)

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