[Solved] python Connect Oracle Error: DPI-1047

Prompt when Python connects to Oracle:: databaseerror: dpi-1047: cannot locate a 64 bit Oracle Client Library: “the specified module could not be found” See https://oracle.github.io/odpi/doc/installation.html#windows for help

Enter according to the error prompt https://oracle.github.io/odpi/doc/installation.html#windows, download the corresponding instant client package, then unzip the configuration environment variables and run it again. Generally, it can run successfully to solve the problem.

If dpi-104 error is still prompted, you need to check whether VC + + is installed. The check method is to run genezi.com under the downloaded instant client directory Exe program. For example: C:\Oracle\instantclient_21_3\genezi.exe. If there is an error during execution, it means VC_redist is not installed correctly. reenter https://oracle.github.io/odpi/doc/installation.html#windows Page, download the corresponding VC according to the corresponding Oracle version_redist.exe version.

Download and install to solve the problem.

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