org.hibernate.QueryException: could not resolve property

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Org.hibernate.queryexception: solutions to the error of could not resolve property

This exception is mostly due to the confusion in the use of HQL and SQL statements. Because hibernate uses HQL syntax, and SQL syntax is different from it. Of course, if the fields added to the table are the same as those mapped to attribute fields in the HBM. XML file, this rarely happens
for example, if Id is a field of a table, then it is also an ID in the hbm.xml file, so there should be no problem when searching. However, the field added to my table is person_ Name, then it may be personname in hbm.xml file, so you should pay attention when using fields, otherwise, org.hibernate.queryexception: could not resolve will appear

Note: fields in HQL are consistent with field attributes in entity class

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