Python calculator error: can’t multiply sequence by non-int of type ‘float’


num1=input('input the first num: ')

num2=input('input the second num: ')

After execution, the result is: input the first num: at this time, enter the integer on the keyboard and press enter

Input the second num: enter the integer again and press enter

Can’t multiply sequence by non int of type ‘float’

Reason: the input() function inputs a string format, so the integer you enter on the keyboard is not a positive integer, but a string format. Therefore, when executing the statement Num3 = num * num, an error will be reported. Because num1 and num2 are both strings, they cannot be multiplied

Solution: convert num1 and num2 into integers

Specific solutions

1. The third line of the code is changed to: Num3 = int (num1) * int (num2)

2. Change the first and second lines to: num1 = int (input (‘input the first num: ‘)

num2=int(input(‘input the first num: ‘))

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