syntax error near unexpected token `do [How to Solve]

(type 1) (01). It is the format picture under win:

(02). It is a picture in Linux format:

(03) set and display the black blocks above: CRLF and LF

In Notepad + +, first set the view -> Display symbol -> Display all symbols, and then you will see what you expect. All carriage returns and line feeds are windows CRLF

Second, set: Edit -> Document format conversion – > Convert to UNIX format

(04) successful operation:

(second) solution:

There is no need to take the above case as an example. This is a supplementary method:

(1) if the format written on wind is not changed, you can also query and change it on Linux

(2) for example, there is an itcast in the root file


(4) after entering, directly enter: set fileformat, and press enter

If the display is fileformat = DOS   It means that it is in wind format

If fileformat = UNIX is displayed, it means Linux format

(5) format change: directly enter: set fileformat = UNIX and press enter

(6) reconfirm whether it is successful and re execute (4)

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