Python Error: Non-UTF-8 code starting with ‘\xe7’ [How to Solve]


Copy a normal py file, modify part of the code, save and execute Python An error message appears: syntax error: non-utf-8 code starting with ‘\ xe7’


The text encoding copied elsewhere may not be utf8

Solution 1:

Python 3 uses UTF-8 format by default

Generally, you don’t need to add it at the beginning  # -*- coding:utf-8 -*-

However, some Chinese characters are still unrecognized and throw non-utf-8 code starting with ‘\ xe7’   If you are wrong, you need to add this sentence to the first line.

# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-

Solution 2:

Python 3 so that there will be no error prompt during execution

Solution 3:

Click the encoding UTF-8 in the lower right corner of vscode, save the current file as UTF-8, and then execute Python without error prompt.

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