[Solved] Pandas Parses MovieLens 1M Dataset Error: UnicodeDecodeError

1. Problem description

When learning from books, I find that the data set downloaded from GitHub will report an error when reading with pandas:

2. Solutions

It is obviously a coding problem. Use the file command to view the file code:

ISO-8859 the code in Python is iso-8859-1, which can be judged by the following function:

pip install chardet

def get_encoding(file):
    with open(file, 'rb') as f:
        return chardet.detect(f.read())['encoding']

Therefore, use the encoding parameter to specify the actual file format.

it’s fine too

movies = pd.read_table('movies.dat', encoding=get_encoding('movies.dat'), sep='::', header=None, names=mnames, engine='python')

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