Python JSON error json.decoder.jsondecodeerror Chinese

I encountered a problem in my recent work. Execute JSON. Loads (JSON)_Data), in JSON_An error will be reported after adding a tab space to the data. If not, no error will be reported

1、 Json.loads (JSON)_Data) error json.decoder.jsondecodeerror: invalid control character at: line 25 column 18 (char 18)

Reason: JSON uses strict format by default, and JSON_There are illegal control symbols in the data key value, such as \ n \ T. this error is easy to report when data is passed across languages

Solution: add the parameter strict

json.loads(json_data, strict=False)


2、 JSON. Dumps (data) converts Chinese characters to unicode encoding

Reason: JSON performs character conversion by default

Solution: add   ensure_ASCII parameters

json.dumps(data, ensure_ascii=False)


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