python3.7 pip install livetest Error [How to Solve]

pip install livetest error screenshot:

Problem Cause: There is a compatibility issue.

Problem solved.

1. Download

2. Modify \livetest-0.5\livetest\

Modify import httplib -> import http.client as httplib
modify import urlparse -> import urllib.parse
modify from Cookie import BaseCookie, CookieError -> import http.cookiejar

Modify XXXError, e to XXXError as e

3. Modify \livetest-0.5\

modify long_description=file(‘README.rst’).read() -> long_description=open(‘README.rst’).read()
modify version=livetest.__version__-> version=’0.5′
Modify author_email=livetest.__author__-> author_email=’[email protected]

4. Switch the path to \livetest-0.5 in cmd, execute python install and install successfully.


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