[Solved] QT operate error: exited with code – 1073741515

The build environment qt5.9.5 + msvc2015 32bit is compiled successfully, and the following errors are generated during operation:

Starting ****.exe...
exited with code -1073741515

Cause of problem:

Due to the use of C + + third-party libraries such as boost and ODB, or third-party QML libraries such as toou2d, which are linked by dynamic link, an error is reported due to the lack of third-party libraries at runtime.


1. First find the Qt library that the program depends on, including the QML Library: open the command line tool of the currently used build kit, such as: (MSCV 2015 (32bit))

Enter the running executable file * * *. Exe directory,

input   “windeployqt –qmldir C:\Qt\Qt5.9.5\5.9.5\msvc2015\qml .\ ”   , among  C:\QT\qt5.9.5\5.9.5\msvc2015\QM is the location of QT installation environment QML.

In this way, QT will automatically import all the dependent dynamic libraries to the location of the program.

In addition, if a third-party QML library is used, QT may not be automatically imported into the third-party library and needs to be imported manually. If I use toou2, I need to manually put the directory toou2d containing toou2d.dll into the current directory.

2. Add the third-party libraries one by one. If you don’t know what libraries are missing, you can run the program directly first. The program will fail to start and display the missing library files, such as:

After all dependent dynamic libraries are imported, they can be started normally.

It is best to run in a non build environment, because our build environment will add many environment variables. When the program cannot find the dependent Library in the current directory, it will find it in the directory of environment variables. All programs that are often debugged or can run normally on the compiling machine can not run on another computer.

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