[Solved] Git clone Error: fatal: Protocol ‘HTTPS’ is not supported

Git problem: git clone encountered fatal: Protocol ‘HTTPS’ is not supported problem solution


An error is reported when the clone command is executed in Git bash in Windows protocol ''https'' is not supported


When pasting the address, we use Ctrl + V, which has no effect in Git bash. Then we will use paste in the right-click menu, but unfortunately, using Ctrl + V will add a hidden symbol ^?In Git Bash.

In Git bash, your clone statement may display as normal:

git clone https://gitee.com/qianfanguojin/homework_1.git

But the real statement is as follows:

git clone ^?https://gitee.com/qianfanguojin/homework_1.git

There are more symbols in front of the link, and the protocol becomes ^ HTTPS, which must not be cloned successfully, indicating that the protocol is not supported.


Delete the space before HTTPS, and enter the space manually

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