r620 internal error(IERR) .contact Support

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On December 16, 2014, it was more than 1:00 at noon (still in the lunch break) and was called by the manager

The person in the computer room will be prompted to press F1 to continue or enter F2 to enter the setting interface if there is a memory error when connecting to the display

system fatal error during previous boot Uncorrectable Memory Error

Because it’s urgent, let the other side press F1 to continue. The system will start normally and report an error. If the problem is empty, deal with it


Through Google, Baidu


“Cpu0000 CPU1 internal error (ierr) contact support” may cause the server to crash or restart or fail to start normally. Call Dell customer service and get the statement that because of the CPU energy saving setting, you need to close the setting in BIOS. According to his statement, the operation was done and the error was solved

Solution steps

1. Shut down the server and cut off the point source
2, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds and wait for about 1 minute
3, turn on the power and start the machine
4. Press F2 when the Dell icon comes out after power on to enter BIOS settings
5, system setup – system BIOS, select system profile settings, and then change the performance per watt (DAPC) on the right to custom

6, and then you can find that the other options below become optional
7, change the CIE and C states options to disabled

Other solutions


The root cause was that when we bought the server, we sold it to us and replaced it with parallel memory modules. Later, we replaced 2 new memory modules for free

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