[Solved] USB mass storage device cannot start-error code 32

Multiple USB flash drives cannot be recognized and loaded after being inserted. Check the device with msinfo32 for errors, the error code is 32


Problem solving method:


1. Press “win+R” to enter the running interface;

2. Enter “regedit”;

3. Find: several folders starting with usb in the “computer/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/” directory;

4. In view of the fact that our USB drive is “USBSTOR” and click on it, we find that the “Start” value is 4 (2–self-start, 3–default start, 4–is forbidden to start), so if the problem is found, change ” Change the value of Start to “2” or “3”.

5. The problem is prolonged. If you encounter other drivers that cannot be started, you can check whether the corresponding “Start” value is normally “2” or “3”, otherwise change it to a normal value.

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