React uses antd to import error messages on demand


According to the antd official website configuration, there are still a series of errors:


When we use react app rewired to configure on-demand loading, we cannot execute yarn eject and expose the configuration file of react scaffold webpack, otherwise the above error will be reported. If you need a burst profile, you can configure on-demand loading in the following way

Using Babel plugin import


npm install babel-plugin-import --save-dev or
yarn add babel-plugin-import 

Configuration package.json file

Configure plugins in the Babel option, where style is set to true to customize the theme for antd. If an error is reported, the less is generally too high. A version less than 3.0.0 needs to be installed. yarn add [email protected] , after the installation is successful, run again

"babel": {
  "presets": [
  + "plugins": [
  +  [
  +    "import",
  +   {
  +      "libraryName": "antd",
  +      "style": true
  +    }
  + ]


Antd custom theme

When the style is set to true, the running project will repackage the less file of antd and load the latest style file. Find the getstyleloaders () function in the webpack.config.js file, add the following code, and customize our theme in modifyvars

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