Request object error ASP 0104:80004005 operation not allowed

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Text: the website server is Win2003 system. Today, it uploads a 260K attachment, but the system prompts: request object error ‘ASP 0104: 80004005’, no operation/up/upload.asp, line 20. Strange, is there a program error, immediately to the local computer Win XP test, found normal. That should be the server Win2003 problem. The operating system of the server is Windows 2003 server + IIS 6.0 server. The reason is that IIS 6.0 forbids uploading more than 200KB files. Therefore, you need to modify the default settings of IIS. Please do the following operations: first, close the IIS admin service in the service, find metabase.xml located in C:: (windows, system32, inetsrv), open it, find aspmaxrequestentityallowed, modify it to the required value (e.g. 5120000, 5m), and the default value is 204800, i.e. 200K, and then restart the IIS admin service. Note: if the IIS service is not stopped before editing the file, the modified file cannot be saved. If you want to modify the configuration file while IIS is running, open the IIS manager, open the Internet information services property panel, and check “allow direct editing of the configuration database, allow editing of the configuration file while IIS is running”【 [technical background] in IIS 6.0, the aspmaxrequestentityallowed property specifies the maximum number of bytes that can be used by an ASP request. If the request length contained in the content length header exceeds the value of aspmaxrequestentityallowed, IIS will return a 403 error message. This property value is similar to maxrequestentityallowed, If you know that your ASP application only needs to process a small amount of request data, you can set the global maxrequestentityallowed property to 1MB at the world wide web publishing service level, and set the aspmaxrequestentityallowed property to a smaller value

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