Server failed during MySQL installation or re installation

Today, an error occurred when re installing MySQL service,
the action ‘install’ for product ‘MySQL server 5.7.19’ failed

1: Action 14:02:10: INSTALL. 
1: 1: MySQL Server 5.7 2: {EC09D203-422B-4C9F-B623-230EF57EE709} 
1: Action 14:02:10: FindRelatedProducts. Searching for related applications
1: Action 14:02:10: AppSearch. Searching for installed applications
1: Action 14:02:10: LaunchConditions. Evaluating launch conditions
1: This application requires Visual Studio 2013 Redistributable. Please install the Redistributable then run this installer again.
1: 1: MySQL Server 5.7 2: {EC09D203-422B-4C9F-B623-230EF57EE709} 3: 3 
1: The action 'Install' for product 'MySQL Server 5.7.19' failed.

That is, the database server was not installed successfully
at first, I thought that the previous MySQL was not unloaded completely. I also found many ways on the Internet, but they couldn’t work. Later, I tried many times and found a way in a post.

It’s Keng, it’s Si, it’s Le
you need to upgrade a plug-in, Visual C + + 2013 and Visual C + + redistributable packages
and use 32-bit Visual C + + redistributable packages for visual studio 2013!!! Note that it’s 32-bit. Even if your computer is 64 bit

Installation website:
Click download and select
vcredist_ X86.exe-6.2 MB
download and install
after installation, the database server can be installed successfully.

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