Sockjs node/info?T = error reporting solution

At work in the morning, NPM run serve starts the project, and then you see that the console keeps reporting errors:

I said I was broken. I didn’t report this cross-domain problem yesterday. Today, I suddenly o (╥﹏╥) O

Check the network and see that the info interface reports an error. I haven’t called this project in my project. Then Baidu queries socks node/info?T = 1562204191563

First   sockjs-node   Is a JavaScript library that provides cross browser JavaScript APIs and creates a low latency, full duplex communication channel between browsers and web servers

Server: sockjs node( )
client: sockjs clien( )

If sockjs is not used in your project, vuecli3 has been investigating an interface in the network after running NPM run serve: -node/info?t=1562204191563


The solution is as follows:

1. Find/node_modules/sockjs-client/dist/sockjs.js

2. Find 1605 lines of code

  try {
  //  self.xhr.send(payload); Write off here
  } catch (e) {
    self.emit('finish', 0, '');

3. Public information

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