How to Solve Wechat wxpy Robot Error

Error message sent by wechat robot of higher version Python 3.9

lib\site-packages\itchat\”, line 69, in msg_formatter

d[k]  = htmlParser.unescape(d[k])

AttributeError: ‘HTMLParser’ object has no attribute ‘unescape’

Solution: modify the source code of the corresponding file

The principle is to modify the imported package from HTML import unescape

The modified code is:

import re, os, sys, subprocess, copy, traceback, logging

from html import unescape

import requests

from . import config

logger = logging.getLogger('itchat')

emojiRegex = re.compile(r'<span class="emoji emoji(.{1,10})"></span>')
    b = u'\u2588'
    sys.stdout.write(b + '\r')
except UnicodeEncodeError:
    BLOCK = 'MM'
    BLOCK = b
friendInfoTemplate = {}
for k in ('UserName', 'City', 'DisplayName', 'PYQuanPin', 'RemarkPYInitial', 'Province',
        'KeyWord', 'RemarkName', 'PYInitial', 'EncryChatRoomId', 'Alias', 'Signature', 
        'NickName', 'RemarkPYQuanPin', 'HeadImgUrl'):
    friendInfoTemplate[k] = ''
for k in ('UniFriend', 'Sex', 'AppAccountFlag', 'VerifyFlag', 'ChatRoomId', 'HideInputBarFlag',
        'AttrStatus', 'SnsFlag', 'MemberCount', 'OwnerUin', 'ContactFlag', 'Uin',
        'StarFriend', 'Statues'):
    friendInfoTemplate[k] = 0
friendInfoTemplate['MemberList'] = []

def clear_screen():
    os.system('cls' if config.OS == 'Windows' else 'clear')

def emoji_formatter(d, k):
    ''' _emoji_deebugger is for bugs about emoji match caused by wechat backstage
    like :face with tears of joy: will be replaced with :cat face with tears of joy:
    def _emoji_debugger(d, k):
        s = d[k].replace('<span class="emoji emoji1f450"></span',
            '<span class="emoji emoji1f450"></span>') # fix missing bug
        def __fix_miss_match(m):
            return '<span class="emoji emoji%s"></span>' % ({
                '1f63c': '1f601', '1f639': '1f602', '1f63a': '1f603',
                '1f4ab': '1f616', '1f64d': '1f614', '1f63b': '1f60d',
                '1f63d': '1f618', '1f64e': '1f621', '1f63f': '1f622',
        return emojiRegex.sub(__fix_miss_match, s)
    def _emoji_formatter(m):
        s =
        if len(s) == 6:
            return ('\\U%s\\U%s'%(s[:2].rjust(8, '0'), s[2:].rjust(8, '0'))
                ).encode('utf8').decode('unicode-escape', 'replace')
        elif len(s) == 10:
            return ('\\U%s\\U%s'%(s[:5].rjust(8, '0'), s[5:].rjust(8, '0'))
                ).encode('utf8').decode('unicode-escape', 'replace')
            return ('\\U%s', '0')
                ).encode('utf8').decode('unicode-escape', 'replace')
    d[k] = _emoji_debugger(d, k)
    d[k] = emojiRegex.sub(_emoji_formatter, d[k])

def msg_formatter(d, k):
    emoji_formatter(d, k)
    d[k] = d[k].replace('<br/>', '\n')
    d[k]  = unescape(d[k])

def check_file(fileDir):
        with open(fileDir):
        return True
        return False

def print_qr(fileDir):
    if config.OS == 'Darwin':['open', fileDir])
    elif config.OS == 'Linux':['xdg-open', fileDir])

def print_cmd_qr(qrText, white=BLOCK, black='  ', enableCmdQR=True):
    blockCount = int(enableCmdQR)
    if abs(blockCount) == 0:
        blockCount = 1
    white *= abs(blockCount)
    if blockCount < 0:
        white, black = black, white
    sys.stdout.write(' '*50 + '\r')
    qr = qrText.replace('0', white).replace('1', black)

def struct_friend_info(knownInfo):
    member = copy.deepcopy(friendInfoTemplate)
    for k, v in copy.deepcopy(knownInfo).items(): member[k] = v
    return member

def search_dict_list(l, key, value):
    ''' Search a list of dict
        * return dict with specific value & key '''
    for i in l:
        if i.get(key) == value:
            return i

def print_line(msg, oneLine = False):
    if oneLine:
        sys.stdout.write(' '*40 + '\r')
    sys.stdout.write(msg.encode(sys.stdin.encoding or 'utf8', 'replace'
        ).decode(sys.stdin.encoding or 'utf8', 'replace'))

def test_connect(retryTime=5):
    for i in range(retryTime):
            r = requests.get(config.BASE_URL)
            return True
            if i == retryTime - 1:
                return False

def contact_deep_copy(core, contact):
    with core.storageClass.updateLock:
        return copy.deepcopy(contact)

def get_image_postfix(data):
    data = data[:20]
    if b'GIF' in data:
        return 'gif'
    elif b'PNG' in data:
        return 'png'
    elif b'JFIF' in data:
        return 'jpg'
    return ''

def update_info_dict(oldInfoDict, newInfoDict):
    ''' only normal values will be updated here
        because newInfoDict is normal dict, so it's not necessary to consider templates
    for k, v in newInfoDict.items():
        if any((isinstance(v, t) for t in (tuple, list, dict))):
            pass # these values will be updated somewhere else
        elif oldInfoDict.get(k) is None or v not in (None, '', '0', 0):
            oldInfoDict[k] = v

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