Error reported in the celery log of the project: redis.exceptions.connectionerror failed to connect with redis

When the project in the test environment is running, check uwsgi.log. If the scheduled task does not run, check the cell_ Beat.log log shows: redis.exceptions.connectionerror: error 24 connecting to Too many open files

On the command line, enter redis to check that the data is empty and there is no data.

If the celery is restarted regularly, it can be effective for a while and cannot be stable for a long time.

Compared with the online environment, the redis version is redis cli 2.8.18   The redis version of the test environment reporting an error is 4.0.10, which is too high.

Reinstall the lower version of redis     On the official website Find redis version 2.8.18 in the, extract and install it to the redis server version 2.8.18

After downloading, I uploaded the installation package to/usr/local/for installation

/Redis.conf in etc/   / In bin/is mainly     redis-benchmark   redis-check-aof     redis-cli     redis-server     It’s all moved by MV command,

The original location is in/usr/local/redis-2.8.18/src/  After moving, it is convenient for subsequent redis startup

Stop the old version of 4.0.10 redis and kill, and delete the corresponding directory files

Start the newly installed version 2.8.18 redis service:/usr/local/redis-2.8.18/bin/redis-server      / usr/local/redis-2.8.18/etc/redis.conf


  The version of redis has been reduced. Then enter the project directory to check the log. It runs normally at regular intervals. There is also data in redis

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