Solution to the problem that ends with cannot locate in XPath

When using XPath to end fuzzy matching, the following problems are encountered:     // Input [ends with (@ ID, ‘W’)] cannot locate the element whose ID ends with W in the input tag. The error is as follows

SyntaxError: Failed to execute ‘evaluate’ on ‘Document’: The string ‘//input[ends-with(@id,’w’)]’ is not a valid XPath expression.
(Session info: chrome=94.0.4606.81)

After querying relevant data, it is found that the reason for the problem is: the ends with method is the syntax of XPath 2.0, while the browser only supports XPath 1.0, so the above problem occurs.


terms of settlement:

According to the great God, it can be replaced by the following method equivalent to ends with:

//input[substring(@id, string-length(@id) – string-length(‘w’) +1) = ‘w’]


The reference is as follows, and its link is:



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