Solve the Chinese display garbled code under centos7

Today, I debugged the application on CentOS 7 system and found that Chinese is a pile of random codes. Then I checked the data and solved it successfully. I hereby record it.

1. Execute the locale command to view the preview environment of the current system

It can be seen that my language environment is not Chinese, but ASCII.

2. Execute locale – a | grep zh_ Cn * check whether the current system has a Chinese language pack

If the above content is displayed, the Chinese package has been installed. If not, execute Yum install kde-l10n-chinese

3. Execute VI/etc/locale.conf, as shown below

LANG=”en_ US.UTF-8″

Change “en-us.utf-8” to “zh”_ CN.UTF-8”

4. Execute source/etc/locale.conf

5. Execute locale to view the results

As shown in the above figure, the modification is successful



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