PLSQL error message frame garbled code

The error message displayed in PLSQL developer is garbled

Connection environment: Win 7

Database version: Oracle 11g

Simulate an error, view the error prompt and display ” The problem of garbled code is as follows:


To display Chinese, NLS_Language should be simple machine

2. Enter the registry to view the language

Find “run” in the computer “start” menu, and then enter “regedit” in the dialog box to open the computer registry. Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE —> SOFTWARE —> ORACLE—> KEY_OraDb11g_Home1, find NLS_Lang, check whether the numerical data is: simple machine_CHINA.ZHS16GBK。

3. Environment variable setting under system

Variable name: NLS_LANG

The variable value is set to: simple machine_CHINA.ZHS16GBK

Exit PLSQL developer and log in again

Execute the simulation again and see that the error prompt message has been displayed in Chinese

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