How to Solve Navicat Remote Connection to MySQL is Stuck

Developing an application system to connect to the MySQL database of the company’s test server is very slow, but connecting to the local MySQL database is very fast. At first, it was thought that it may be caused by network connection problems. After Ping and routing, it was found that the network communication is normal, and the local connection on the MySQL machine is very fast, Therefore, the network problem has been basically eliminated, so I want to see if it is a MySQL configuration problem. After querying MySQL related documents and network search, it seems that a configuration can solve such a problem, that is, add the following configuration parameters to the MySQL configuration file:


Under Linux, the configuration file is/etc/my.cnf. Under windows, the configuration file is my.ini file under MySQL installation directory. Note that the configuration is added under [mysqld]. After changing the configuration and saving it, restart MySQL and conduct remote connection test. Everything is restored as before.

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